10 Things You Might Not Know About Jen

  1. I was in 2 episodes of Fraggle Rock
  2. I was a synchronized swimmer for 12 years
  3. I am a total wuss – mild chicken wings are too hot, I have to order “honey & garlic”
  4. I cry at commercials all the time – especially Olympic ones
  5. I love taking pictures, but my husband doesn’t, so I’m rarely in them
  6. I have never liked having a summer birthday – no friends around and at camp I had to skip around the dining hall. With all of the planning around IVF, I still managed to give one kid a summer birthday and the other a Christmas one (argh!)
  7. I once worked on-air at a country radio station and they made me change my last name to Austin – because it sounded more “country” (but for the record, the morning guy’s last name was LeBlanc – how is that “country??”)
  8. I am addicted to lip balm. I get panicky if I can’t find it in my purse.
  9. Bad table manners drive me crazy
  10. My dream is to live in a small village in France

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