Jen has traded drug cocktails, injections, and early morning line-ups at the fertility clinic for juice boxes, playdates, and evening PTA meetings. She’s also the author of an honest but light-hearted novel inspired by her first-hand knowledge of the ups and downs of fertility treatments and the huge emotional burden that rests on those having trouble conceiving, making her a unique voice in this seldom-mentioned topic. Sometimes it helps to find a way to laugh during the hard times, a coping mechanism Jen and her husband learned in their similar quest to become parents.

Having accomplished both goals, Jen’s latest dream is to live in a small village in France and eat croissants. Being allergic to wheat might hamper that dream, so in the meantime she does her best to balance life with two young children and run a business with her husband in Toronto. She loves to spend time at the cottage in the summer, ski in the winter, and travel whenever she can.

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